Thursday, December 31, 2009

Infinitus battles to promote positivity

If progressive metal is your thing, Infinitus is right up your alley. With their long hair and Iron Man t-shirts, they melt the faces of fans in the Clarksville music scene. One thing distinguishes them from other aggressive metal bands, though: Their lyrics are Christian-based. Their hope is to promote positivity through subdued Christian themed music, fit for the one who likes to rock. Hard.

“We’re genuinely happy people who like to play seemingly aggressive music,” said Wiley Jenkins, lead guitarist for the band. “The analyst will hear Christian undertones, but the everyday person probably won’t even notice it. We are hoping the goodness will just seep in subconsciously and the positive light will be shed on each of our fans.”

He added later on that they are trying a new approach to promoting Christianity while writing the music with lyrics that are close to their heart, while not limiting their appeal to only Christians.

“People say they love each other all the time, but having someone receptive to the phrase ‘Jesus loves you’ is few and far between,” Jenkins said.

Their solution is simple. They show their fans unfailing love and adoration in hopes for their good mood to gain momentum and spread farther. So far, they’ve had a lot of positive feedback.

Drummer, Roach B. Roach, who recently joined with Infinitus, recalled their most memorable show. His story soon excited the other four band members as well.

“We played at this skate park in Paris, Tennessee,” Roach said. “It was so awesome to see them get so excited about us when the show began. They were right up in our faces! Wiley ripped his pants, but he kept on playin’!”

He said those who came to see them that day loved the show so much, they asked them to come back soon after, for a follow-up show.

“It was such a neat feeling,” Jenkins said. “They came back the next time wearing Infinitus t-shirts. We remembered those fans and got to know them very well. It was a very rewarding experience because for the first time, people came to see us, specifically.”

They all agreed that they are collectively serious about their music, but on stage they like to have fun. They want to inspire their fans to let loose and have a good time.

“We’re so fortunate to have what we have,” Roach said. “We are all so different, but we work so well.”

Their last show was at the Rutledge, in Nashville for a Toys for Tots benefit. You can watch for this promising group of metal-heads in both the Clarksville and the Nashville area.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Moon Taxi's 'Live Ride' is more than a roadtrip for listeners

I'll be honest, not many live albums seem to impress me much, however, when I heard Moon Taxi's live album, entitled 'Live Ride', I was more than impressed with the way it turned out. They illustrated a quite solid and powerful mix of funk, folk and bluegrass, and they executed it in such a way that was unlike any other band I've heard thus far. The overall quality of the album is crisp and clean, and was properly mixed and mastered by  Ross Gower of Nashville Mobile Recording, in Franklin. Each member of this five piece band rises to their full potential. Go ahead, try and find a song that is satisfactory. It won't happen.  The album opens with fans chanting 'Moon Taxi', and they are clearly pumped to hear the opening song, 'Common Ground'. Although you can't actually see them playing, its so easy to visualize their stage performance. In specific, when they open up track number 10, a song that has a definite bluegrass feel entitled, 'Poacha Cooper'. Lead singer, Trevor Terndrup, says to the crowd to not be afraid to clap your hands. I did. All the songs are good, but another noteworthy song is the instrumental, track number 12, "Information Center." Its barely over two minutes long, but only two words came to mind when I heard it: pretty and epic. Its the kind of good stuff you look for that covers you in chill bumps. Wes Bailey adds the epic touch on the keys while guitarists Trevor and Spencer Thompson harmonize. Overall, I think this album is really well put together. Hearing this album before the New Years Eve show is exciting, because now I know what to expect: a memorable way to kick off the New Year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Zoogma grooves Club 527-Murfreesboro

Zoogma kept the crowd dancing  well in to the evening when they played their show at Club 527 in Murfreesboro Friday night with local favorites, Beat Repeat and Deep Machine. 

Because of their genre, which is a balanced mixture of  electronica, rock and jazz, they brought a full crowd to the club. The crowd was comprised of mostly students from the local college, Middle Tennessee State University. Most of these students came prepared to party, and came specifically for Zoogma. Their faces were painted, which complimented the swirling light shows that accompanied Zoogma’s presentation. 

“Zoogma was so awesome,” Charles Todd, a local from the area, and a recruited fan of Zoogma, said. “I really liked how they fit perfectly with the other two bands/djs that were featured.”

Charles’ opinion seemed to be the general consensus. Many fans agreed that they really fit in with what the Murfreesboro crowd loves to listen to. Jam bands and dance music are two things that are really in high demand for these kids. 

“The fact that they combine a five piece band with a dj that uses cool samples, really sets them apart from bands that have the potential to be very similar to Zoogma,” said Megan Warren, a student from MTSU. “They’re really unique in that way. I can see how they’ve already played with such greats as Perpetual Groove and Lotus.”

Their progress as a band was evident to those who have been fans since their formation only a year ago. Some, including family and friends, even travelled from Oxford, and the surrounding areas, to show their support. Their fan base will continue to grow as they develop their talent, and will be a promising band to keep your eye on.

If you want to see more from Zoogma, their next show will be in Memphis on New Year’s Eve at  the bar/ music venue, Newby’s.