Monday, November 23, 2009

Karius Vega proves natural talent as a live DJ

Karius Vega hasn't been spinning live for long, but his musical genius has been evident for years. 

The beginnings of his career started in the studio. His passion for music 
production began as early as 12 years old, when he first started experimenting 
with mixing electronica and dance. He said he loved the immediate sense of 
control he had when mixing and editing in the comfort of a studio, but never 
quite thought of being a live dj. His styles have already diversified; his major 
styles now include IDM and drum and bass instead of predominantly electronica. 

Even though he got in to music at such an early age, he said he knew this was 
what he was destined to do. 

"I felt like I had an objective," Vega said. "Music is my life, and I aspire to wholly 
commit myself to not only that but to all those who are in search of inspiration." 

Inspiring his listeners and creating a legacy was of utmost importance to him. 
He said music is a part of communication and that communication contributed 
to keeping culture alive. Vega continued to express his gratitude for all his fans 
that have helped him grow. 

"The purpose of my ENCO mix was to get as much feedback as possible, Vega 
said. "Without my fans' feedback, I can't improve myself or accentuate the 
impact I have on the music scene." He reiterated that his fans have offered a 
significant amount of feedback, and for that he was thankful. 

He said to him, music was a bit like research. It was an ongoing process of 
refining himself and his music while trying to define his persona. He said his 
hope is to create musical history. 

"I want something to refer to once I get old," Vega said. "I want to create music 
that will help me catalogue my progress as both an artist and a person." 

He said he had high hopes for all the shows to come, and that he was in a 
constant state of perfecting his mixes. His recent  and seemingly effortless 
success as a live dj seemed to take him a bit by surprise, but his humility stayed 

"I feel so blessed," Vega said. "So far, every show has been totally packed. It 
seems to always be a full crowd of fresh faces." 

He's preparing for two major shows that will be epic, guaranteed. On December 
4th, he will be showcasing his talent at Mercy Lounge with The Protomen and 
Tallest Trees. The show, called "A Party to Plant Trees",  will operate in 
conjunction with, which is a non-profit organization that raises 
awareness and funds to help plant trees in the greater Middle Tennessee area. 
And rest assured, no party would be a party without Sweetwater Brewing 
Company's sponsorship and drink specials. 

Soon after on New Years Eve, you can catch him with Moon Taxi at the Exit/In. If 
you want to kick off the New Years right, it will be possible to do so with both 
bands and the incredible lighting and visuals that go along with it. Vega said 
he's never had the pleasure of playing with Moon Taxi, but that he's becoming 
very excited to be a part of helping people start off their New Year with a 
memorable show. 

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