Monday, October 26, 2009

Milktooth to release a raw, well-developed vinyl:

The cleverly named band, Milktooth, named after what is known in southern 
cultures as a baby tooth has come a long way since their formation in January. 
Frontman David Condos sits cool-headed in a local cafe and recalls the release 
of their debut, self-titled EP and is proud to announce the release of a 
personalized 7'' vinyl appropriately named "Halloween in Santa Ana" which is 
more than a treat for listeners. The album is set to be released on the Thursday 
before Halloween at their release party being held at the Nashville venue, The 

They've ingeniously come together to create an epic three song vinyl that is 
filled with creepy reverberated vocals and dirty distorted bass. Condos believes 
in the importance of developing a relationship with his listeners and chose to 
make  "Halloween in Santa Ana" a very special and personalized record. 

"Each vinyl sleeve will be hand-stamped by a band member. The stamp itself 
was designed by another band member's little sister, so you can see we've put a 
lot of thought in to this," Condos said. 

Although they believe in taking their time, Condos goes on to explain that the 
idea for the record itself took a mere four days to finish. For him, it was by far 
the fastest he's ever put an idea together in the three years he's been working 
with music. 

The vinyl will also include a download code to get the songs in mp3 format, also 
including their cover of the David Bowie song, "Cat People". 

"The idea for covering David Bowie started back at our EP release show in June. 
At that point the EP only had six songs so we wanted to fill it in with a cool 
cover," Condos goes on to explain he added his own twist to it that listeners are 
to look forward to, "I worked it to my advantage that I wasn't familiar with the 
song. I just looked up the lyrics to it and we gave it our own." 

Condos is very happy with how the album sounds. His aim is to impact his 
listeners and create a sort of 'chill factor' that he illustrates by mentioning 
Radiohead's album, Amnesiac". 

"I like impassioned music, the kind that gives you those unexplained chills. 
We're just trying to make everything sound raw and live." 

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