Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kingston Springs announce release of their first EP, "Vacation Time"

Who says a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds can't produce their first album in their own basement and it be a smash hit? Hopefully no one, because the quickly growing Kingston Springs will shut up all the skeptics with the recent release of their first EP, Vacation Time.

Released to the public on Aug. 9, the album was well received at a release party pieced together and supported by Happy Salmon Productions. The band, hailing from Kingston Springs, Tenn., said it was very happy overall with the finished product, as it should be, because it was two-year project that finally came to a close.

"Two years is a while, for sure, but we just didn't want to rush it and put out something we weren't one hundred percent happy with," said Ian Ferguson, vocalist and lead guitarist for the band.

The album, as described by Ian, has many influences and sources of inspiration including The Strokes, The Beatles and RHCP, but the songs are original in their own right.

"Each song is inspired by a certain time period of our lives," Ian said. "Because all of our songs reflect so many different points in our lives, it has made our music much more diverse."

As mentioned, the album was recorded completely in the creative privacy of Ian's basement with minimal guidance from his father, who too is involved in Nashville's music realm.

"We experimented a lot with the whole process at first, and eventually honed down the process to get a great end result," Ian confirmed. "One song was done in the studio, but the sound wasn't what we had in mind. We wanted a more natural sound, so using drum mics, and a 16 track, we recorded it ourselves."

He went on to say they all agreed on having the same raw sound on the EP that they have during shows and on how important it was for the album to reflect exactly that.

"We ultimately just want people to see our shows and really want our album. And when they hear that album, we want them to think about how great the show was," Ian concluded. He said for now, they are going to keep pushing and growing to develop their music.

Kingston Springs

Bass: Alexander Geddes
Drums: Matthew DeMaio
Vocals/Guitar: Ian Ferguson
Vocals/Guitar/everything else: James Guidry

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