Monday, January 4, 2010

Chris Volpe's 'Shipwrecked' is buried treasure to folk fans

Chris Volpe's soothing folk tunes in his new album Shipwrecked! will keep listeners on an even keel. He produced all of the songs himself, and had quite the impressive lineup of guest musicians to boot. This album is chock- full with sounds ranging from the cello and harmonica to the pedal steel guitar and fiddle. The musicians featured compliment his heart-rending voice and happen to be quite reputable, including Jeff Coffin, Donnie Herron, and Kenny Malone who have played with such greats as The Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash, respectively. The album's style definitely reflects his 'Bible Belt', Tennessee roots; although he does cover everything from bluegrass and folk, to jazz; with a little pop thrown in for fun. His song called Dusty Bibles features lyrics like, "Dusty bibles lead to dirty lives," which reiterates his dedication to the the Belt. Oh, and he humorously name drops when he refers to sinners as Saddam Hussein and Keith Moon. Its pretty good. This album should definitely hold high listening priority when you embark on your musical discovery endeavors.

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