Sunday, January 10, 2010

Electric Teeth hunger for success

Electric Teeth, who centralize in Murfreesboro, are a younger, more recently formed rock band. Despite their age, these 19 and 20-year-olds have already shown signs of great success and their fan base has grown significantly since their official formation last year. According to frontman Nathan Goodwin, they really gelled as a band and began playing at the end of MTSU’s school year at house shows and various other gigs. Goodwin said Electric Teeth loves playing house shows around the Murfreesboro area because the crowd is so receptive to their sound.

“We have a lot of great fans,” said Taylor Lowrance, who plays guitar for the band. “I’m from Memphis, and while music to them is kind of the thing to do, the ‘boro people really care.”

They have jamband tendencies, which is a style that is growing in popularity locally. They take great pride in their individuality though, because while they do have a seemingly recognizable sound, they successfully add their own twist to the music they create.

“I think something that defines our band is that none of us have tried to make our music anything particular,” said Goodwin. “We’re really good about letting what happens, happen.”

The band has already recorded six songs, but only three have been released to the public. Their goal is to have their very first full-length album released in time for spring break. For the time being, they are working on getting as many shows as they possibly can. They’ve been at such venues like The End, in Nashville and Club 527 in the ‘boro. The only show they have lined up at the moment will be an awesome one. Its set to be held on January 22nd in Murfreesboro with Deep Machine and Magic Veteran at YEAH, located off Maple Street.

“We’ve been playing a lot more shows, so we know a lot more people. This semester is going to be really good for our development as a band,” Goodwin said.

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